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For Essay III, you will write an analysis essay of at least 750 words that responds to the following prompt.
Your essay must be in correct MLA format with a Works Cited page. To earn full credit, you must submit a hard copy of the peer reviewed rough draft and the final draft of your essay.
For this unit, we will be examining issues about morality and ethics. Specifically, we will be examining articles that discuss the gray area, those zones where the line between right and wrong are blurred. As you read these articles, consider how our understanding of morality and ethics changes when confronted with this information.
For this assignment, you will write an essay that responds to one of the following articles: “We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Story,” For your essay, you will use the skills of analysis learned during this class to disagree with the premise of the article.
Use the following guidelines to help you: You may find yourself in the position that you agree with each article. Choose the article you least agree with to write about if this is the case. This is an analysis. Look for weaknesses in the arguments such as rhetorical flaws, a perspective not being considered, a gap in information, impractical approaches, etc. Keep your essay focused on information in the article. Do not go off topic by discussing points not relevant to the premise of the article. Write as objectively as possible. Keep from writing about your personal feelings on the topic, particularly if they are not relevant to the article.
Use the following template for this essay: Introduction: includes thesis (why you disagree) Summary of article: brief description of article Analysis: examines strengths and weaknesses of article Synthesis: states your opinion about the article (disagree and why) Conclusion: summarizes your essay and restates thesis

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