make an outline 1

make an outline 1
April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

The topic is: Morality, Ethics, and corporate culture

For this team assignment, research a topic related to project management industry or profession. The topic should involve current/relevant trends, a particular industry and the use of project management, tools and processes, etc.
Provide an outline providing information for your final team project. The outline will provide an understanding of what will be presented both in the written executive summary as well as the presentation.

The format should include headers and sections in outline format. Follow APA guidelines. • Title Page • Introduction – Topic? Main Points to follow?

• Body – Sections may include: analysis, relevance, specialized context, argument/debate, supporting information, etc.

• Conclusion – Summary of main points, re-state portions of introduction, key findings, recommendations.

• References
Length of your annotated outline should be 2-3 pages excluding title page and references. 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Romans, 12pt font. APA format.

Annotations should include:

• Context/Topics (sections/headers)

• Citations – Include 8-10 sources, but no limit. Sources should be varied (diversity of perspective). APA format.

• Additional information about the sources

• Topic Sentences


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