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Liscensed Professional Counselor And Theories

Due tomorrow by 8:00 pm no excuses.. Folllow instructions and read everything to the tee please ty..

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Submit a 3- to 4-page paper (not including reference or title pg) that highlights two key theories that are used in Licensed Professional Counseling.  If these theories have changed over time, discuss how they have changed. In addition, select a once-popular theory that is no longer accepted and explain what led to the change.
Next, briefly describe the main research areas used in the licensed professional counselor role. For example, developmental psychologists mainly study cognitive and emotional development. Then, explain the main research methods used in the licensed professional counseling role and how they are used to guide the research. For example, developmental psychologists primarily use the experimental method and naturalistic observation. You would then describe, in some detail, what experimental and naturalistic methods are and how they are implemented in research.  
Finally, identify a research article that employs a commonly used research method in licensed professional counseling area. Discuss what was under investigation in the study and how that particular research method was used to investigate it.
Reference: Counseling theories

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