Lifespan Development questions

Which of the following statements best captures an aspect of Holter monitoring?
January 5, 2021
Nurses cultural background and impact on care
January 5, 2021

Please cite sources for each question. Do not use the same sources for each question. Minimum of 2 resources and 300 words. 

 Briefly contrast the views of Locke and Rousseau on how children develop. a) What do ethologists, such as Lorenz, mean by imprinting on a parent-figure? 
b) What observations led Bowlby to suggest that imprinting occurs in human infants? That is, what parallels between human infants and other species did he point to? “For children to learn, we must praise their correct responses and correct their mistakes.” Would Montessori agree? Explain. What did Werner mean by “microgenesis” and “microgenetic mobility?” Give examples. Discuss some valuable aspects of these concepts. Piaget’s critics charge that he made development appear too slow. Discuss this criticism with respect to either: a) object permanence, b) conservation training, or c) Kamii’s teaching methods. Then, describe the Piagetian approach. Compare conventional and postconventional morality in Kohlberg’s theory.


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