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Learnscape simulation:financial issues | Operations Management homework help

Learnscape Simulation: Financial Issues
Bright Road Health Care System in the Learnscape Scenario is having financial problems and you will be consulting with them on this. Take a look at Learnscape #2 “Financial Issues” and work through the entire simulation. Scene 7 requires you to provide your recommendation to the CAO, Ronald Baxtor. This recommendation should include each aspect of the analysis that you gathered from the staff. Use notes you have taken as you worked through the simulation. Back up your recommendation with the analysis, you gained from the staff.
Watch this brief video for further information. If you cannot see the video below, here is the link
Watch VideoHSA1117 Project Week 2Duration: 1:15User: n/a – Added: 3/13/15
Then, find your recommendation in the saved document, for example,   and upload it to this assignment (as a word document) by clicking on the title ” Week 2 Midterm Part 2: Learnscape Simulation: Financial Issues ” above

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