In La Mission what family values allow Jed Rivera to remain in the family scene?

Assignment 2: Sociological application Identify and describe a current and major health issue that is a leading cause of mortality in the U.S. or overseas
December 12, 2017
For this assignment, imagine that you are an organization’s safety professional and are explaining the issues you noted previously regarding the workstation. Additionally, you will include strategies for improving the safety of the employees, and you will make recommendations for what management can do to address the ergonomics issues specific to the organization
December 13, 2017

Part 1
Richard T. Rodriguez describes how Mi Familia underscores a patriarchal family history that resonates with dominant, masculinity renditions of a so-called “American” family. He states that,”Mi Familia could in no way allow an openly queer character to enter into the family scene as it remains closed to sexuality not premised on hetero coupling.”
In La Mission what family values allow Jed Rivera to remain in the family scene? Demonstrate/explain how the values work to move the narrative action forward. While answering the question, compare and contrast Ché and Jes Rivera’s quest, reversal, moment of recognition, and resolution.
Huaco-Nuzum writes that Mi Familia’s Maria is subject to patriarchal domination. She writes of the attitude of Mexican films of the past that  “que la mujer mientras mas sufrida mas Buena es” (the more a woman suffers the better she is).
Describe in what ways Lena in La Mission is not a woman who is willing to suffer and in what ways she has what Davalos describes as an oppositional consciousness to patriarchal ideas about gender relations.