JAZZ music essay

Raising the Minimum Wage and It's Impact
December 15, 2017
Describe a situation in which the actions of a larger group influenced your own actions. Discuss how the actions you took may have been different if you were not in a group situation.
December 15, 2017

Students will be able to identify the connections between and differences among local, national, and global communities. The elements of Jazz serve as the foundation for many of the commercial music trends in American music. Popular music in America in turn influenced commercial musical trends globally. The curriculum identifies the elements of Jazz methodology as it relates to these influences. As a global art form, the curriculum also recognizes international trends in Jazz and correlation between jazz styles in America and abroad.
Objective #2
Students will understand the influence of cultural and socioeconomic background in shaping attitudes and opinions (in themselves and others). Throughout its existence, the progression of Jazz as an art form is surrounded by controversy. The advancement of Jazz either reflects or diverges from the attitudes and opinions of critics, non-practioners, higher education, social difficulties, enthusiasts, and students. The curriculum identifies controversial issues in order to provide an overview for students to consider and therefore formulate their own attitudes and opinions.