Japanese Film Analysis

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

(Film Analysis)
Take a look at the syllabus and think about the topics which is week2: CINEMA, MODERNISM, AND REFLEXIVITY Browse
the corresponding readings to find an aspect of cinema and Japan that you would like to
explore in more detail. What grabs your attention What question would you like to resolve
about these films/readings How would you go about resolving it
Based on a topic of your own choosing, develop a well-defined and original thesis
concerning a film or a small group of films, and discuss it in detail in an essay of 5-7 pages.
Both the choice of film(s) and the choice of topic are up to you, but there are two basic
requirements that all papers must follow. You must include a close and careful film analysis
of a sequence or sequences (as you were asked to do in the second part of the take-home
midterm), and you must use this analysis to advance an argument deriving from one of the
theoretical and/or historical issues we discussed during the quarter. Beyond these simple
restrictions, you are free to follow your own instincts and interests.