IT strategic Plan

In his essay, Gerlach lists several possible effects (impacts) of abandonment on a child. In a well-supported essay, explain how Sal experiences ONE of these effects (emotions). To support this question, first you need to develop a thesis that explains what emotion Sal experiences after her mother leaves, and then choose 3 specific examples from the novel that prove Sal displays this emotion and how she behaves because of this. In other words, you need to prove that your thesis (claim) is true.
December 15, 2017
Socio-spatial inequality and residential segregation in south korea
December 15, 2017

Research a recent Internet article onAmazon’s Strategic Business Plan.
Develop a 1-page checklist of the main points Amazon’s IT department should consider so IT is properly aligned to Amazon’s strategic business plan. Example spreadsheet entry:

IT Strategic Objective
Description of Objective
Web interface for products
Allows customers to quickly choose items and add them to a virtual shopping cart
Use Microsoft? Excel? to create a spreadsheet, including:
The IT strategic objective in Column A; for example, same-day shipping option
A description of the IT strategic objective in Column B
Create a 175- to 260-word summary using Microsoft? Word on how your checklist supports effectiveness of the IT governance structure.