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Information literacy” is a term you’ll hear a lot during your college years. It means that all…

Unit 5 Reading Part 1: Information LiteracyWhy is information literacy important?“Information literacy” is a term you’ll hear a lot during your college years. Itmeans that all students (and all people, really) should be able to find and usereliable information and source materials and that they should be able to find theright material for whatever it is they’re doing or whatever questions they have.As a college student, it’s important that you develop the ability to findreliable sources for your class work and assignments. It’s also essential that youknow how to correctly use and handle the sources when you make them part ofyour own work.Outside of school, most of us also feel it’s important to be informed aboutcurrent issues and ideas. Knowing what’s going on in the world is, arguably, acitizen’s responsibility. Plus, it feels good to join in a conversation and know thefacts or to be sure we’re sharing a meme, social media post, or news articlethat’s accurate and trustworthy.We should know how to navigate the Web successfully, find the bestmaterials, and evaluate and use them with confidence. In an age where a quickGoogle search nets millions of “hits” in half a second, evaluating the sources wechoose can be trickier than it sounds. There’s a lot of great material on the Web,but there’s a lot of questionable information too. Being able to tell which is whichis a digital-age-important life skill. We also need to understand who “owns”

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