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In your essay, you will give an argument for the action that you judge to be the morally right one..

In your essay, you will give an argument for the action that you judge to be the morally right one for Dr. Lance to take, all things considered. You will explain your reasons for your judgment, using relevant moral theories, bioethical principles, and any evidence you discover in your research.You will be evaluated not on what action you chose, but rather according to how well you thoroughly develop your argument.You should write in the first person.Your essay should be in the range of 1,000-1,250 words.VIGNETTE1 Dr. Lance and Mr. BattinAfter Lorine Lance, Pharm.D, counseled Ferris Janowski, an elderly patient, about his three cardiac maintenance medications, she was surprised by Mr. Janowskis final question, Would you please open these prescriptions and count them for me so that I know Im getting what I paid for? There was a letter in my favorite advice column last night that told about how you can get shorted on your prescriptions, so I just want to make sure all the pills are there. No offense meant, you understand. I just cant afford to pay for pills and not get them. 1 Adapted from Robert Veach, Amy Haddad, and Dan English, Case Studies in Bioethics (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015).Page 1 of 6Mr. Janoskis prescriptions had been filled by the owner of the pharmacy, Glen Battin, R.Ph., who would not be in for several hours. Dr. Lance decided to humor Mr. Janowski and opened the first bottle. To her dismay, the prescription was four tablets short. She made up the difference. The remaining two prescriptions were also short by the same amountfour pills each. Dr. Lance remedied the shortage in these two and returned all three prescriptions to Mr. Janowski. I guarantee you that these are filled accurately and fully, Dr. Lance told Mr. Janowski as she handed him his medications.Mr. Janowski was not the only patient with concerns about shortages that day. Evidently, several patients were prompted by the newspaper article to count their pills and found less than there should have been. Dr. Lance took numerous calls from angry patients and tried to determine if the caller might have miscounted, lost a pill, or took more than they should have–all reasons that the prescriptions could appear short. She noted that all of the prescriptions that patients claimed were shorted were for maintenance drugs and that Mr. Battin had filled them.When Mr. Battin arrived at the pharmacy, an exhausted Dr. Lance told him about what she had discovered and the number of dissatisfied patients that called to complain about shortages. She was certain Mr. Battin would have a reasonable explanation. He stated, Its really a shame that advice column printed that letter. Well have to stop shorting maintenance prescriptions for a while until people get over the excitement and the need to count every prescription.Dr. Lance could not believe what she was hearing. You mean that you have been shorting prescriptions? Mr. Battin shrugged, Just the maintenance prescriptions and only on the higher- end products. People dont miss three or four pills a month and the pharmacy recoups a steady amount. Besides, they always come in for a refill before they run out, so the patients arent harmed. Plus, most people are covered by insurance.Dr. Lance would have to think about what to do now.

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