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In which part of the cell cycle does it inhibit cell division? – Nursing School Essays

A chemotherapy drug affects the enzyme DNA polymerase. In which part of the cell cycle does it inhibit cell division?a) Metaphaseb) S phasec) G1d) Cytokinesise) ProphaseA researcher planted seeds from four types of tomatoes (Roma, Cherry, Big Boy and Early Girl) in a greenhouse to determine which type of tomatoproduce the largest number of tomatoes per plant. The plants were grown for 70 days under the same temperature and light conditions. The average results for 20 plants of each type are shown below. Choose the data set that demonstrates that Cherry tomatoes produce the largest number of tomatoes per plant.a) Roma: 20 tomatoes, Cherry: 18 tomatoes, Big Boy: 30 tomatoes, Early Girl: 10 tomatoesb) Roma: 1.8lbs, Cherry: 2.8lbs, Big Boy: 2.7lbs, Early Girl: 1.0 lbsc) Roma: 3 cm, Cherry: 1 cm, Big Boy: 10cm, Early Girl: 7 cmd) Roma: 2 cm, Cherry: 10 cm, Big Boy: 7 cm, Early Girl: 6 cme) Roma: 23 tomatoes, Cherry: 28 tomatoes, Big Boy: 10 tomatoes, Early Girl: 27 tomatoes
The majority of climate scientists believe that the current change in climate is caused predominantly by ________.
a) an enhancement of the greenhouse effectb) a decreased reliance on fossil fuels for energyc) a thinning of the ozone layerd) a melting of the polar ice capse) an increase in solar radiation
Based on the following phylogenetic tree, which of the following conclusions are *NOT* correct? Each letter represents a hypothetical species.
a) A and E share a common ancestorb) B is one of A’s ancestorsc) E and D are more closely related to each other than to Cd) C is more closely related to E than to Be) A and B are closely related

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