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In this task, you will have an opportunity to engage with, and learn from, two Accounts of…

In this task, you will have an opportunity to engage with, and learn from, two Accounts of Professional Practice from two Sydney staff who have received Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. By exploring these accounts and reading the scholarly literature, the aim is to unpack how a case for fellowship has been crafted in terms of the context, argument (case or narrative), evidence, and impact on student learning. The goal is for you to apply what you have learned from these accounts to the development of your own teaching case – that is, the next assessment task. Please respond to the following prompts drawing on the scholarly readings for this task: • What is the case (argument) for fellowship in these two accounts? • What ideas from the research literature (higher education or the applicant’s discipline) are drawn on to support the case for excellence in each of the accounts? In your view, how successfully are these ideas integrated into the case? • Identify the sources of evidence used to support the case in each of the accounts. For each account, comment on whether the sources of evidence are sufficient and convincing (i.e., how well do they provide evidence of what is being claimed?). • Each of the accounts must demonstrate that their teaching/curriculum has had an impact on student learning – and that evidence of it is provided. How well has each applicant built a case for impact on student learning? • In your view, is the account well aligned internally? In what ways does the writing flow logically? • Drawing on what you have learned about approaches to teaching (teacher-focused information transmission and student-focused conceptual change) in the Graduate Certificate course so far, and Macfarlane’s (2007) claim that teaching excellence tends to focus on ‘on-stage’ rather than ‘off-stage’ activity, what view of teaching is embedded in each of these accounts? How have you made your assessment? • What suggestions might you offer to improve these accounts? • Describe two ideas/concepts from across both accounts that you will consider applying to writing your own teaching case. Feel free to write your responses under each of the headings indicated by the dot points above. You may wish to put together a table with your responses in it, or respond in a more discursive way if you wish – as long as you address each of the 8 points above (within the word limit).

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