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In the field of Early Childhood, there are many topics that have more than one side to an issue.

Assignment Overview:
In the field of Early Childhood, there are many topics that have more than one side to an issue. The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a debatable issue in child development that is of interest to you and report its impact on the development of children. The issue chosen must have two different perspectives; for instance, all of the reasons to (pros) breastfeed an infant and all the reasons not to (cons) breastfeed an infant. A minimum of 3 references are required for this assignment. It is important to choose an issue that has been researched sufficiently in order to support both perspectives of the issue. After reviewing the research on your topic, you will use this research to complete a 5 to 7 full page written report in APA format. In the body of the paper, objectively describe the benefits (pros) of the issue and the disadvantages (cons) of the issue. Taking the research into account, the conclusion of your paper provides an opportunity for you to discuss your thoughts on the issue chosen and why you feel this way. Below is a list of acceptable topics. Issues such as child abuse, discipline, obesity, SIDS and abortion are not acceptable and do not provide two different points of view regarding the development of children. If you would like to investigate a topic not listed please see me prior to writing your issue paper. Follow the rubric to successfully complete this assignment.
Ideas for Issues
Pros and Cons of:
Trying minors as adults                     Immunizations for children                  Co-sleeping
TV or other tech for children              Pacifiers                                              Homeschooling
Bilingual Education                            Effects of divorce for children             Spanking
Raising children as vegans                Male circumcision                               Home Births
Competitive sports                             Pageants                                             IPads in Schools
Keep in mind when writing the issue paper that plagiarism is a form of cheating. Make sure that your work is original. Any time you use someone else’s work and do not give that person credit (properly citing), it is plagiarism. This is important because I must be able to gauge what you have learned. Copying the work of another person, or putting the information in your own words and not properly citing is considered plagiarism. Some cultures considering this sharing work. If you are uncertain about sharing vs. plagiarism be sure to ask for clarification. Anyone who plagiarizes/cheats will receive an “F” on the assignment. If you are “suspected” of plagiarism, you will bear the burden of proof. You must be able to present rough drafts or related materials and discuss the topic intelligently.
This first video discusses the directions & such:

This second video discusses the Issues Paper example, the rubric, and ILA Resource:

I listed below  an example of how to write this research paper:  
I also listed below  a PowerPoint that I created to explain this assignment:
Issue Paper Assignment and Rubric  is downloaded below 

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