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In a minimum of 250 words, explain whether you agree or disagree with his or her assessment.

respond to this:After many research about parody i can say that this a from or way to spread and infiltrate the information in a comedy, musical, cartoonish format. people. parody is more used for critical and political information twisted and made with a funny style. like the movie of young Frankenstein who tried to show how women were treated in the past and how knowledge can be dangerous in our life if we don’t know how to used right. in our days parodies became more viewable and have success because it entertain and in the same time it give a very true information indirectly mostly.The example of parody i have found online is a mock of Israel and Palestine War made with a rap style musical i can say that the message was very lear from taking all the news from different places in the world. this parody is showing how the world now is mess up many information are hidden and the news say just they don’t want to hide and been told to mention like when a small rocket hit Israel because of the mistreating of the Israeli government to the Palestinian  citizens and Israel sent its army to destroy cities and kill millions of families by saying it is self defense and no one from the world can help and say no this injustice specially after signing that both state can leave in the same country it was Israel who started war again. but because Palestinian is a very poor country and have no help from any strong country, they have only rocks to defend their homes agains the huge tanks.Parody youtube video:
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