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Improving the Levee Stability in South Plaquemines Paper

As we’ve talked about in class, there are a bunch of problems associated with the Portnuef River in Pocatello. Some of those issues include flood control, ecological destruction, water contamination (chemicals and/or sediment), levee stability, loss of recreation, etc. You will pick 1 problem and propose a solution. Your solution doesn’t have to solve everything about the problem, but it should be something that helps (example: a plan to fix flooding issues in one neighborhood, as opposed to along the whole river).
Pretend that your report is a plan being submitted to the city council for consideration. You should have a cover page and up to 3 typed pages (double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman) to explain the following (use the italicized headers):
1) The Problem: What is the problem that you are focusing on? How does it impact the community?
2) The Solution: Offer a solution that is relevant to the problem that you chose. Explain how your solution could be implemented and how it will help.
3) Other consequences: No solution is magic; they all have other consequences. Explain the effects that your solution will have on other things related to the river. Will homes need to be bought and demolished? Will people lose access to fishing areas? etc.
You should use at least one photo or annotated map in either part 1 or part 2 to help explain the problem/solution.
Explanation of problem (20 pts)
Explanation of solution (20 pts)
Identification and explanation of at least 1 other consequence (10 pts)
Use of image/annotated map (20 pts)
Logical flow, including use of the required headers (10 pts)
Spelling/grammar (10 pts)
Typed/cover page (10 pts)
Total: 100 pts

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