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Importance of nurses in hospital and health care organization, health and medicine homework help

Research paper: “Importance of nurses in hospital and health care organization.”
Topic: Importance of nursing in healthcare organization
Importance of nurses in hospital and health care organization. “like as What is a nurse and what do they do? What is the role of the nurse? What are the duties and responsibilities of a nurse? What type of work does a registered nurse do and ………….e.t.c ********Make sure that it is written from the perspective of management, or that what a healthcare administrator’s role with nursing is would be included.***************
Pages: 8-10 pages
APA format
References : min 10 to 18
Safe assign
NOTE: Wiki/blogs/trade journals are NOT a significant source!
Topic should be related helahcare admisitration
Research Paper, you will write a scholarly in-depth analysis of a current challenge facing health care administrators today. Your research should be based on significant sources. You should
1) Present the topic,
2) Educate your reader on any technical aspects necessary for your reader to understand the problem, and
3) Provide an analysis of the issues and challenges facing health care administrators. The paper should be in the range of 8-10 pages and written in APA format (Requirements below). All sources used in your research should be included in a bibliography at the end of the paper, and all citations should be appropriately noted.
Page count does NOT include title page, reference page(s), graphs/charts/pictures and excessive “white space”.

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