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Identify an individual who will serve as your client for this exercise.

Assignment 1: The Skilled Helper Model — Coaching Through All Three Stages
For this Assignment you will be utilizing the Skilled Helper Model to coach your client through all three stages of the model. The following requirements should all be addressed in your Assignment.
Identify an individual who will serve as your client for this exercise. This can be a co-worker, family member, or friend. Have this person share with you a situation where they are having difficulty and would be open to some assistance in this area. Try to help them identify a need that could be best addressed using the Skilled Helper Model.
Stage 1: Briefly share the story and/or provide the background for the client. Share the main problem or concern and the reason it is important to the client to get this matter addressed and resolved. Use Figure 7.6 (p. 148) as a guideline for this section of the assignment.
Stage 2: Using Figure 7.8 (p. 152) as a guide, help your client brainstorm for creative solutions to their situation. Provide a summary of the questions you asked as well as the responses they provided. How did these responses help you shape a realistic goal for the client? What was the realistic goal that the two of you came up with?
Stage 3: Using Figure 7.12 (p. 160) as a guide, help your client come up with strategies to reach their new goal. Describe what strategies you two decided upon and how you reached that conclusion. Provide a summary of the responses given by your client to the questions listed in Figure 7.13 (p. 161).
Summary: Provide a brief summary of where you client should go from here and what actions they should take.This Assignment will require you to use your readings (Chapters 7 and 8) and at least two academically credible sources. The Assignment should be 4–5 pages in length and be APA compliant.

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