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Identify 3 a minimum of primary resources and 2 secondary resources,

You will have to complete a major research paper (8 to 10 pages) for the final assignment in this course. In order to do this, you will need to write in a style appropriate for an academic discourse community and read numerous scholarly articles.
At least five of the articles must be located in the School University Library.
I will provide them to you once you choose your topic.
For this week’s assignment:
· Identify 3 a minimum of primary resources and 2 secondary resources, for one of the following topics:
1. 3D Printing
2. High speed rail
3. Stem Cell Research
4. Crowdfunding
· Remember that sources with no authors, sources with no dates, and/or sources with dates older than 5 years will lose points for this and all other assignments in this class.
· Complete a literature review for each of the resources identified
· Following your literature review include the introduction to your paper which should include the claim statement and thesis statement.
· Include a reference page
Your literary resources, and introduction should be in APA format. All citations and references should be in APA format.
Review the grading rubric below:
The literature review includes summaries for a minimum of 3 primary resources and 2 secondary resources with well aligned supporting and validating evidence. The claim statement is provided in the appropriate format within the introductory paragraph.
The analysis of the topic includes breadth and depth. The summaries are aligned to the unit topic, and relates to the course content and analysis of the original article is evident in each literature summary. The assessment is well written and well-organized demonstrating excellence in scholarly writing. Mechanics (spelling and punctuation) and grammar are excellent. The assessment is set-up following the assessment instructions. The essay demonstrates has a title page, in-text citations of sources, and references, and APA Format.

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