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Define Popular Culture and Popular Culture Studies
Identify fundamental methods and theories used to study Popular Culture
List key names and describe concepts relevant to Popular Culture Studies
Explain the scope of Popular Culture as a topic and field of study

We have now been exposed to what Popular Culture is, and some main ideas about how to formally study it. This assignment gives you the opportunity to express and explore your understanding of the important concepts and facts as you creatively respond to the prompts and questions below. You cannot use examples that were part of class.
Select a recent popular culture media creation (film, TV, electronic game, recording) that reuses actual parts of an older popular culture media recording in a substantial way. The media creation can be a recording, a TV show, a film, or a game. The actual earlier media recording must be reused relatively substantially in the newer media creation. To fit this requirement they must reuse all of part of the actual older media creation.
As an example, look at the two following clips:
Both use the actual 1956 hit recording of Mickey and Sylvia’s Love Is Strange.  First, watch how it was used in this 1993 British TV series Lipstick On Your Collar.
Next, note how the original recording is sampled and used in this recording/video. Either one of these—but not both—would be the sort of thing to use for this assignment. The older creation would be the original recording, and the newer creation would be one of these clips—but again, not both. You are to just find one newer creation that reuses all or part of one older creation.
Don’t use any of these including the original recording for the assignment. They are just samples to help you understand what might work. Read the rest of the instructions very closely and carefully.
Examples that DO fit:Examples thatDO NOT fit:
A new recording samples a section of an older recording
A video game uses an older recording
A TV commercial uses an older recording
A movie or TV episode that has an older recording on the soundtrack key part of the scene
An artist records a cover version of another artist’s older hit record
An artist re-records their old hit
A remake of an older recording
Once you have decided on your media examples write an essay. In the essay address the following:

Give a brief explanation of what both media creations are. When were they produced? By whom?
State how the older piece was incorporated into the new one.
Demonstrate your understanding of why the older piece was used in the newer one.
Do the two examples have a shared meaning, significance, or context?
Explain how/why you think the use of the older element was successful or not.
Is the connection between the two creations clear or unclear? Why or why not?
Included an APA style references page and in-text parenthetical citations, including media examples
Ensured that the essay is at least three full pages of writing/750 words and formatted as instructed

Submission Guidelines:

You will submit your assignment as a Word document.
Be sure to address the content requested!
It must total 3–4 full pages of text at least 750 words (not including the References page).
It must include a References page that lists all sources used, in APA style and have proper in-text parenthetical citations.
It must be set in 12-point font.
It must be double-spaced, and set with 1” page margins.

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