Human Robot Interaction

Essay about novel “Cogewea The Half-Blood”
May 15, 2020
Beauty Industry/ Esthetics
May 15, 2020

Length: 3000 words minimum


At least 3 sources from the text book (Writing in the Disciplines, 7th Edition, by Mary Lynch Kennedy and William J. Kennedy, Pearson) (in PDF) 10 source in total

Any Internet sources must be attributable to an author or a recognized organization (e.g. Wikipedia sources are not acceptable).

Any sources taken from the Internet must be printed out and included in the Appendix
All sources must be included in a correctly formatted References page.

Documentation style: APA

Four- part introduction (G.O.S. Thesis, Alternative View, RM)
Development of alternative view (concession & refutation)
Well supported arguments

Direct quotes should make up no more than 10% of your overall paper


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