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HSS 261 IP4

550-600 words, APA 6 format, in-text citation, Use at least two (2) scholarly references to substantiate your work. Please provide a copy of all references used.**Reference and links to the ” review standards on this website” section and ÿfour case study videos are provided belowAssignment DetailsRacial and ethnic diversity is increasing in the United States, and healthcare organizations have been working to decrease inequities in access and quality of healthcare. Delivery of healthcare services must be responsive to an individual?s communication needs, preferred language, health-literacy level, and cultural beliefs and practices. To help healthcare organizations establish guidelines for meeting the needs of a diverse patient population, the Office of Minority Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) developed the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards. The CLAS standards are designed to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities by showing respect for the culture and language preferences of patients.Review the standards on this Web site.**Consider the CLAS standards as you watch the following case study videos:**Cultural and Religious BeliefsUsing Language Access ServicesCulturally Tailored Healthcare in OrthopedicsCulturally Tailored Healthcare in ObstetricsChoose 1 video case study as the basis for your writing assignment, and answer the following questions:Briefly describe what type of healthcare inequity was depicted in the video.Which CLAS standards are or are not demonstrated in the video? How would meeting the standards reduce health inequity in the example that you chose?What could the healthcare organization do better to provide patients with the best care and eliminate the health inequities illustrated in the video?If you were faced with similar types of situations in the future, explain how you would be better prepared to handle them appropriately after viewing the standards.**Reference and links to case study videosHHS Office of Minority Health. (2016a, August 8). Think cultural health case study: Culturally tailored health care in obstetrics [Video]. YouTube. Office of Minority Health. (2016b, August 8). Think cultural health case study: Using language access services [Video]. YouTube. Cultural Health. (2019a, May 1). Think cultural health case study: Cultural and religious beliefs [Video]. YouTube. Cultural Health. (2019b, May 1). Think cultural health case study: Culturally tailored healthcare in orthopedics [Video]. YouTube.**Reference and links to ” review standards on this website” sectionThink Cultural Health. (n.d.). National culturally and linguistically appropriate services standards. Office of Minority Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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