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HR Week 1 Assignment

HR Week 1 Assignment
This week you submit a proposal for your Final Paper to your Instructor for approval. For your project, you identify an HR-related problem, review resources related to the problem, develop and evaluate potential solutions to the problem, and make a recommendation for addressing the problem.
For your proposal:
Identify an HR problem for which you want to find a solution from you own personal experiences, the experience of others, or recent media coverage.
Locate resources four on the problem that you can use in your Final Paper.
Submit a proposal (300–550 words) for your instructor’s approval that includes the following:
A description of the HR problem that you chose
A description of the reason you chose that problem. Note: If you describe a real situation, do not use real names of people or organizations.
Proper APA citations for four resources you could use in your Final Paper

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