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how would you explain how both genetics and her environment play a factor in behaviors.

In Chapter 4 we discussed cultural factors in perception.
Think of a demographic based on race, sexual orientation, or disability.
1. Choose a demographic and list some of the prejudices, biases, stereotypes, and discrimination that group may face either at work, community, or in social settings.
2. Are these perceptions based in fact. If so, please state the reasons to support this. And if not, how are these perceptions unfounded?
3. What are some things needed to socially change the perceptions of this demographic group?
Imagine that you have a client, Tiffany Harris coming to see you for help. The client tells you she has a family history of mental illness specifically mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. The client witnessed her mother who suffered from depression all of her life. She is seeking medication and or therapy to manage her behaviors which mirror anxiety.
Answer the following 3 questions:
1) As a student “intern” based on your understanding of the material, how would you explain how both genetics and her environment play a factor in her behaviors.
2) If the client continues to push for medication, what neurotransmitter drug would be helpful to assist her?
3) What other behavior intervention strategies or coping skills could she implement in ADDITION to medication management?

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