how can slater help us see konnikova s claims in a new way or can she

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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Essay Question: Take what Slater has taught us about mechanical interventions into the human brain and use it to critically analyze Konnikova’s discussion about authenticity and interaction in the age of high technology. In your piece, see if you can use Slater to confirm, challenge, refute, limit, extend, complicate, raise questions for, or otherwise rethink and reassess Konnikova’s claims about

of digital conversation versus physical. Is Deep Brain Stimulation and its results a classic case of the inauthentic? Or are they something quite different


  • Be sure each body paragraph has a quotation from both Konnikova’s and Slater’s essays.
  • Make sure your response engages with both texts to make an overall point of your own.


CEDP (Cite-Explicate-Discuss-Make a Point)

For each citation you have selected, explicate (i.e., unpack) in 1-2 sentences, then begin developing original commentary and response. Why is this citation significant? How are the ideas the author shares thought-provoking? Do not just summarize the author’s words. Instead, focus on why the ideas in the citation grabbed your interest, and make a point of your own in response. Respond specifically to the actual phrases and ideas your citation contains.

Need to be 4 full

and preferably 5. 1 intro 3body and 1 conclusion .


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