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How are you going to try to change the way you approach problems to help you be healthier?

 Discussion 1
1. Read the article directly above this assignment post: “The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Its Implications for the 21st Century”
2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)
3. Answer the following questions in addition to your summary:
What are the major ethical issues surrounding this study (there are several listed within the article)?
How did the national government step in to redefine how human subjects are treated during experimentation?
What do IRBs require for human subjects today?
Discussion 2
Classical and Christian ideals coexisted for the first time during the Renaissance. Briefly, Humanism and Christianity were aligned. Why was this life changing for the Western world? What did this allow for? (Here’s a hint: Religion and ______ have been at odds for centuries and continue to contradict one another.)
In your opinion which artist best exhibited the combination of these two ideals in their work?
Discusion 3
Watch the video How to Make Stress Your Friend
2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)
3. Include information about how stress affects your body and how you can actively change this. What do you have to do to change the way stress affects you? How are you going to try to change the way you approach problems to help you be healthier?
Discussion 4 Answer in complete sentences
1.  Provide an example of a situation or event that could be appraised as either threatening or challenging.  Explain why one would see this situation or event as a threat or a challenge.
2. Go to this site:
Complete the scale, then answer these questions:

What was your stress scale number?
How accurately do you feel that this represents your current level of stress? Why?
What could be added to improve it/make it more accurate?

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