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hospitality supervision final examscenario:you have recently been appointed the position of executiv

hospitality supervision final examscenario:you have recently been appointed the position of executive chef of a new boutique hotel in a swanky neighborhood of los angeles. the hotel has 200 rooms, a lounge, a casual eatery, a steakhouse and a high~end establishment focusing on new american cuisine. you have to hire, train establish procedures such as disciplinary system work schedules and develop job descriptions. you will oversee a staff of approximately 100 people from chef de cuisines to dishwashers. cite using apa formatting.1. you need to show your people that you are a leader. establish five core leadership skills you wish to focus on and why?2. you need to plan for the grand opening to chart the best course for future action. what is planning defined as, and what are the key components to the planning process? explain each step of the planning process and what are you as a leader are going to do along the way?3. as you begin to finalize menus for all of the restaurants, you begin to seek purveyors and small businesses to be a part of your organization. you want to include some of the businesses surrounding your hotel. these businesses are ethnically diverse. explain the importance of diversity, why it’s important to be inclusive and why developing cross~cultural interaction is important?4. you have hired most of your staff. you recruited, selected and hired a very diverse staff all with warying levels of knowledge, skills and attributes. you want to establish an environment of motivation and high morale from the get go. select two management styles that you will use to motivate your employees, and why you have selected these styles? also, explain what type of disciplinarian you want to be and why you choose this process?5. you have begun to see that your team has gone from individuals to groups. explain the process of team formation and describe each step in the process?6. your hotel is running extremely efficient, and your employees feel empowered because of your coaching, mentoring and excellent leadership skills. you feel that you can begin to delegate more duties to your team. what is delegation defined as? what are the three key aspects to delegation? finally, why do some employees resist delegation?

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