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Help to answer few questions about case for Community health worker or Social Worker

Case :- An infant is not feeding well, is crying/fussy, arching back, losing weight and the mother
is frustrated with the doctor who does not seem to be helping.
Then write a one to two page paper that answers these discussion questions
1. What is going on in this situation? What issues, concerns, symptoms are raised?
2. As a CHW, how will you respond to the individual? What communication skills should be used? Are
there any potential cultural issues that need to be understood and accounted for?
3. What type of referral is needed and how will the CHW accomplish that? List at least 3 to 5 mental
health resources for the client.
4. What information may be needed? And how will the CHW decrease any stigma?
5. What client rights may need to be respected?
6. How will the CHW promote access to care?
Watch this video to understand the referral

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