Health Sociology – 10 question answers

child development
May 18, 2020
First Nations’ Health
May 18, 2020

1. Students should download the word document above that provides the template with the questions that students must use. Please do not change the format of the template.

2. Student’s need to add their name and student number to the header.

3. Answer all 10 questions as succinctly as you can.

4. Download the rubric as this will guide you in what is required in order to respond to each question.

5. You will need to sources a number of reliable sources such as peer reviewed articles, research and data in order to respond to the questions adequately.

6. Students will be penalised for referencing and utilising unreliable websites ( Wiki, Cliffsnotes, UK Essays are just some examples).

7. Ensure that all references used throughout your work are notes in your reference list on the final page using APA referencing.