HCS 341 Discussion

Women studies
January 25, 2021
You will complete the 2 tasks in Full
January 25, 2021

#1 How may the human resource department improve its support of the operations function?(You must site at least one source and use APA format. Your response should be at least 200 words.)

#2 We should point out the importance of aiding and supporting employees as well as suggesting ways to aid employees. Within the psychiatric practice we provide EAP (employee assistance program) services to the employees and at the same time provide those services to employees in the Central Florida area. These services consist of providing counseling services to employees free of charge to them, there are usually limits and stipulations depending on the employer. This grants support to the employees in their time of need. Many employers also offering exercise classes before and after working hours so that employees are able to stay healthy and bring down stress levels.

What kind of benefits which provide healthy living do your employers offer? Or which would you like them to implement?You must site at least one source and use APA format. 200 words

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