Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

The paper is 400 words long and the topic is an example of the infrastructure of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport. You should include some background on what existed there prior to when this infrastructure was added. How and whom was the decision made to begin this infrastructure Was the infrastructure run by a principle company or by the government, or a combination of both And did the goverance change over time What other ideas had they used before considering the Harstfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport What were the needs of the city that made this Airport necessary Who designed/engineered, and built it How was it paid for Has it been improved since its original creation INSTRUCTIONS: Use sources, books, check online for scholarly periodical articles. Must have 3 sources, use all of them in endnotes and the bibliography. No plain websites. No tourism websites. No popular magazines or newspaper articles of today – (newspaper articles dated back from the of construction is okay.) Try and stick to academic books and articles. FORMAT: A Manual for Writers, Kate Turabian, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, III. has directions for quotations, which should be very brief and annotated with ENDNOTES. Using direct quotations from the sources are encouraged: be sure you use QUOTATION MARKS as directed by Turabian. ALWAYS PUT THINGS INTO YOUR OWN WORDS UNLESS YOU NEED TO USE A DIRECT QUOTATION. DIRECTIONS: Double-space, 1.25 inch side margins, 1 inch at least top and bottom, use Times or Times-Roman fonts, or any serif typeface (similar to this one.) Title the paper (YOU MAKE ONE UP) should be centered and a few lines below, name, etc. NUMBER EACH PAGE IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER. Indent each paragraph. And when you cite any source use ENDNOTE numbers. Put notes at the end of the paper (which are properly called ENDNOTES.) Put your endnote number at the end of the relevant paragraphs. You may have two sources used in that paragraph, use both in the note. FOLLOW Turabian for each type of source used ( newspaper, book, article, encyclopedia or series.) ASSEMBLE: After your endnotes, put a page titled Bibliography at the top, and list your bibliography (again refer to Turabian.) YOUR PAPER: Title, First Page, Rest of Paper, ENDNOTES, Bibliography.