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Guide lines to be strictly Followed1. Font to be Used Times New Roman & Font Size 12…

Guide lines to be strictly Followed1. Font to be Used Times New Roman & Font Size 122. Assignment Should Not contain any contents, including references cited from, cannot use contents from other student papers,3. Turnitin report , individual source match in the overview should be 3% or below.4. Harvard style referencing and citations should be strictly followed5. Make use of images, animation, graphs, tables, illustration, maps that makes the report interesting. This is applicable for both Task 1 & Task 2 of the assignment.Assignment Brief Operations ManagementAssignment Task 1: [70 Marks] Project FormatRead the following Scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided.Scenario: This assignment requires the student to go through the given video case on Boeing 787 Dreamliner and how Boeing had lost the competition to Airbus A380, due to manufacturing defect in the operations of 787 Dreamliner. Understand Boeings method of operations, student has to analyse and provide their inputs on how well they will be served when they continue with the same operations as being done now or pursue a new method of operations management based upon analysis and understanding which could help it compete better with Airbus Industries.
Student need to apply key concepts of operation management to their experience and discuss the associated implications. Student can go through the following links to give them an insight on the operational issues involved with Boeing 787 Dreamliner, in terms of the problems it is facing, and how the Airbus 380 is giving Boeing a tough competition. The report should include the following:1. Executive Summary ( 8 Marks)2. Introduction to the Chosen Organizations ( 6 Marks )
4. Examine the need for any suitable change in Boeings Operations plan. (6 Marks)5. Develop an operations strategy that could solve the problems of Boeing in this 787 dreamliner project. (10 Marks)6. Understand and evaluate the current supply chain management practices and suggest any improvement if needed. (6 Marks)7. Project management that has to be designed to ensure Boeing completes the defects on time with the help of a PERT / CPM diagram and a GANTT Chart. (8 Marks)8. Critical analysis of the tools that Boeing and Airbus make use of. (6 Marks)9. The role of IT in the case of both Boeing and Airbus. (5 Marks)10. Conclusions and recommendations. (5 Marks)Assignment Task – 2: [30 Marks] Project Management using Program evaluation and Review technique (PERT) and Critical path method (CPM)Based on the project scenario given below, answer the following questionsScenario: Your organisation, ABC construction group has made a winning bid to construct a new manufacturing plant. The client expects the plant to be functional within a year. You are assigned as the Project Manager to ensure that the whole project stays on schedule. The two important conditions as per the client contract are:-ABC construction group will incur a penalty if the work is not completed by the deadline of 47 weeks from now.ABC construction group will be provided additional incentive if the work is completed within 40 weeks.The table below describes the activity list for ABC construction group for this project:-Activity Immediate predecessors Estimated durationABCDEFGHIJKLMNA Excavate -2 weeksLay the foundationPut up rough wallPut up the roofInstall exterior plumbingInstall interior plumbingPut up exterior sidingDo exterior paintingDo the electric workPut the wallboardInstall the flooringInterior paintingExterior fixturesInterior fixtures –ABCCEDE,GCF,IJJHK,L 2 weeks4 weeks10 weeks6 weeks4 weeks5 weeks7 weeks9 weeks7 weeks8 weeks4 weeks5 weeks2 weeks6 weeks(Source: – Turner, 2016)For any given activity, its immediate predecessors (as given in the third column of Table) are those activities that must be completed by no later than the starting time of the given activity. (Similarly, the given activity is called an immediate successor of each of its immediate predecessors.) For example, the top entries in this column indicate that:-Excavation does not need to wait for any other activities.Excavation must be completed before starting to lay the foundation.The foundation must be completely laid before starting to put up the rough wall, etc.When a given activity has more than one immediate predecessor, all must be finished before the activity can begin. In order to schedule the activities, you have consulted with each of the crew supervisors to develop an estimate of how long each activity should take when it is done in the normal way. These estimates are given in the rightmost column of Table. Adding up these times gives a grand total of 79 weeks, which is far beyond the deadline for the project. Fortunately, some of the activities can be done in parallel, which substantially reduces the project completion time.Given all this information, please develop answers to the following questions:-1. Develop a project network diagram to visually display the whole project and describe the project network diagram (10 marks)2. Schedule the whole project with PERT/CPM. In doing so, you must be able to satisfy these crucial objectives:-Total time required to complete the project if no delays occurThe start and finish of individual activities to meet the project completion deadlineThe start and finish of individual activities if no delays occurCritical activities where any delays must be avoided to prevent delaying project completionThe delay that can be tolerated for other activities, without delaying project completion.(20 marks)References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)

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