What factors predict depression in men?
April 8, 2021
The book for this class is Shortell and Kaluzny’s Healthcare Management Organization Design and Behavior six edition. By Lawton Burns, Elizabeth Bradley, Bryan Weiner
April 8, 2021

Discussion Board Question

The issue of marijuana possession and consumption is increasingly becoming a struggle for policy control between the federal and states governments.  Many states, including Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin abide by current federal laws, making the possession and consumption of marijuana a federal crime.  However, many states such as California, New York, Arizona, and Michigan are ignoring federal law by decriminalizing marijuana possession and/or legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana.  So here are the questions: 

1.  Should the states have the policy jurisdiction to determine marijuana laws within their territories, or should marijuana policy be solely within the jurisdiction of the federal government?  Explain your reasoning. 

2.  Additionally, regardless of who has jurisdiction over this issue, explain your position on the consumption of marijuana, providing reasoning on why you hold the position that you do, and what impacts your position would have on society.


You will have until February 12th by 7:00pm to post a response.  Your response should include the following:

  1. An answer to the question provided in a minimum of 10 quality sentences (1 point).
  2. At least one piece of evidence to support your position.  Evidence includes statements from respected sources, real life qualitative examples, or quantitative statistical data.  This evidence can come from your required readings, outside newspaper articles, reports found online, etc. (1 point).
  3. A full citation of evidence used (1 point).


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