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GMO Food Crops and Health Issues Nutrition Discussion

Please make sure you complete your readings before you do this section as you will be asked to incorporate information from the readings in this discussion. I have tried to provide you both sides of the story on this topic but my 20 years of research has lead me to my conclusions on the safety of these foods and I have a very hard time being neutral on this topic. The recent law suits against Monsanto have provided public details about some of the tactics Monsanto has used to skew the science and safety data surrounding the GMO’s and chemicals associated with the crops but this will be discussed in a later discussion.
Topic #1
This video is somewhat inflammatory and definitely biased but Jeffery Smith backs everything he says with science and research.
Genetic Roulette
Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
1. What are some examples of the GMO crops discussed on the video?
2. Based on this video and the process used to make the GMO’s, is this process safe? Why or why not?
3. Do you feel the government has adequately protecting the public in determining whether GMO’s are safe for the food system? Please give at least 3 examples to support your answer from the video.
4. What is BT and how is it associated with GMO crops? Is it safe? (please support your answers with information from the video)
5. What are the specific health issues associated with GMO’s in the video (please give 3 specific examples that can be recognized from the video)?
6. According to the video, is nutrition affected in the GMO crops? How is this affecting the entire food system?
7. How are the GMO’s affecting animals? Please support your answer with examples from the video.
8. Have GMO’s increased yields as was promised according to this video?
9. In terms of world hunger, what are the ramifications of GMO’s in both India and Africa? Please give specific examples in both areas to support your answer.
10. What are the primary GMO crops? What is the best way to avoid them?
(by the way, the bill to label GMO’s failed by a very small margin but the biotech companies spent 45 million dollars as opposed to the 5 million spent by the pro label advocates.
Topic #2
This topic is combining all of the information together so please be prepared to speak to readings 26 through 30 when answering the questions below. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
1. How is globalization affecting our relationship with the world? (use examples from the video).
2. Should corporations own our food? What would be the possible benefits and drawbacks based on all of your readings and this video?
3. Do GMO”s make sense from an environmental standpoint? Please support your answer with 3 examples from this video, the video above and your readings.
4. Do the GMO’s just reflect free trade, capitalism, and democracy? Please support your answer with this video and all of the readings.
5. Do the problems and issues out weight the benefits of GMO foods? Please support your answers with information from this video and the readings. ( Please note there is no right or wrong answer, this is meant to be a summary of all the information presented from your personal standpoint)

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