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geographic crime mapping | Criminal homework help

Imagine that you are a crime analyst. You will be creating a geographic crime map that spans three years of crime data.
You will create a CSV file, using an excel document, saved as a CSV file. To build the CSV file you will need to do the following:

Go to the LexisNexis Community Crime Map site:
Choose a crime you would like to search. (e.g., theft, robbery, arson).
Select a geographic area that has 5-10 instances of the specific crime you selected, which occurred in each of the 3 years preceding last year (e.g., if you are taking this course in 2018, then you would search for the specific crime in 2014, 2015, and 2016). NOTE: you want to use a geographic area with a small data set, e.g., a city of a million or more people would likely have a large data set.
Identify 5-10 instances of the crime for each of the 3 years. Click on the icon of the crime incident to ascertain the crime data. For a tutorial on using the crime map, watch the video from the Madison Police department explaining its use:
Using the excel spreadsheet that you will save as a CSV file, create the following columns and input your crime data you have gathered from the crime map:

IR number (“ID” in CSV file)
Name of Crime (“class” in CSV file)
The date and time the crime occurred (“Events time” in CSV file). You must enter the date and time in the following format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss
Latitude of crime location (“Point y” in CSV file)
Longitude of crime location (“Point x” in the CSV file)

NOTE: Access the “How to find Latitude and Longitude” document in the Topic 5 Topic Materials as a resource for this assignment.
Conduct analysis on the geographic data using the techniques from the assigned readings. Write a 750-1,000-word summary on the analysis of the data.
Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content.
Utilize the Hunchlab website as a resource for the Topic 5 assignments.
Utilize the ArcGIS website as a resource for the Topic 5 assignments.
Utilize the Maptitude website as a resource for the Topic 5 assignments.

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