Gary Harth

Health History and Screening of an Adolescent or Young Adult Client
February 8, 2018
Compare/Contrast · Treaties vs. Executive Agreements
February 9, 2018

Students must adhere to the minimum and maximum word limits for the Coursework
Assignment which are: 2,000 (minimum) and 2,500 (maximum). The word count will
include everything in the body of the text (such as quotations, citations, footnotes
and subheadings). It does not include the coursework title, bibliography, references,
appendices or other supplementary material, which does not form an essential part
of the text. For this assignment quotations and footnotes should be kept to a
minimum and appendices should not be included. Students can expect their work to
comprise 6-8 A4 pages. There is a +/-10% deviation tolerance in the words count.
Examiners will be instructed to mark only up to that level. In such cases, given that
any recommendations/ conclusions given at the end will not be marked, this can
substantially impact the overall grade. Adhering to the word limit is therefore critical
to success.
Instructions for the format of the project report are as follows:
The coursework assignment shall be word-processed.
The file must be set up so that it can be printed on A4 paper.
The student s name, login address, seminar number and seminar leader
should appear on each page as part of the header.
All pages are to be numbered.
A plain, readable font should be used, Arial 11 is preferred.
A word count must be declared at the end of the Coursework Assignment and
on the cover sheet.
Students should ensure that they make regular backups of their work so that,
if computer problems are experienced, they will be able to complete and
submits summative coursework assignment by the deadline.
Students should keep a hard copy of their work in the event that an electronic
file cannot be opened or becomes corrupted either before or after submission.
This project is open booked. Students can use books, lecture slides and notes to
individually work on this assignment. They will also need a calculator.
The project comprises multiple sub-questions that students need to answer in their
project output. The maximum marks allocated to each sub-questions will be
indicated in the text. Those weights will be used by examiners to assess the project
output. A total of 100 is the highest achievable grade, while 40 is the lowest pass
grade for this assignment.
To submit the project output, students have to download, fill out and attach the
project cover sheet that will be posted in Moodle. This cover sheet contains a
declaration that students need to sign. By doing this, students declare that the work
being submitted is entirely the student s own work and they give consent for its
submission to a plagiarism detection service. The cover sheet must also include the
student s name, login address, seminar number and seminar leader. Submissions
without a complete, signed cover sheet will not be accepted.
This project is primarily a computational assessment. Students will receive a
feedback sheet with the indication of the marks received in the different subquestions.

Dear students, here are two clarifications about the text of the project:
1) The amounts of rent and city council tax that are indicated in the text are per annum.
2) To prepare the Balance sheet you only need to use the information given in the text. You do not need to make additional assumptions or create additional estimates for items that have not been estimated by the owner. To complete the Balance sheet, remember that you may need to have done first the cash budget (point c).