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FORMAT FOR VIDEO OR POWERPOINT RESEARCH PROJECT (6-10 minutes) 1. Prepare your final outline with…

FORMAT FOR VIDEO OR POWERPOINT RESEARCH PROJECT (6-10 minutes) 1. Prepare your final outline with references and submit it to the instructor along with your report. The outline should consist of a listing of major points presented and a list of references used in your talk. Detailed paragraphs and descriptions are not necessary in the outline. The reference list must include all information necessary for your instructor to locate the publication cited. The citations used in your textbook can serve as clear examples of the proper format for references. Make sure that your outline contains no errors in grammar or spelling. 2. Include at least two references from peer-reviewed scholarly publications. Many of these professional journals are available online. 3. Include at least five references. Make a point of identifying the source of information whenever you make claims based on research studies. 4. Proof read your oral presentation outline carefully to be sure it is clear and contains no grammar, spelling, or typing errors. 5. Speak loudly and clearly. A confident delivery will have a positive impact on your grade. Arouse curiosity, ask questions, prepare a handout, etc. to keep your audience involved. 6. Put yourself into the presentation. A research presentation is a chance for you to collect, organize, and interpret information from a variety of sources so that the final product is unique and personal. Your own opinions, interpretations and experiences will help to make your project more interesting and meaningful to the listener/evaluator. Just please make sure that you provide some support for the opinions expressed in the project. 7. Use audio/visual resources if possible. A lengthy video would not be appropriate in a 6-10 minute report, but you may use an excerpt from a video as long as it is appropriate. 8. Use your time effectively. Time is a most precious resource in distance education. Budgeting time effectively is a necessary skill for all professionals. If your report exceeds 10 minutes, you will be penalized. Help your audience by presenting material in a logical order. Begin with an introduction to alert students to what they will be learning. Allow time at the end to summarize major points and answer questions. You may use either APA format. See the examples below of Works Cited entries that contain the necessary information. Journal Article [Author][Title][Journal Name][Year] [Volume Number][Issue Number][Page Numbers] Ziemann U, Paulus W, Rothenberger A. Decreased motor inhibition in Tourette’s disorder: evidence from transcranial magnetic stimulation. American Journal of Psychiatry 1997; 154 (5): 1277-84. Book [Author] [Title] [City of Publication] [Publisher] [Year] Hollander E. Obsessive-compulsive related disorders. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Press, 1993. Article within a Book

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