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Unit I Project Identifying EMS Benchmarks Using at least two of the resources below, including chapter 3 of your textbook, write an essay that includes at least five benchmarks: consider what type of benchmarks would be important for an EMS system in your community to monitor.
 Write an essay that includes: at least five benchmarks, including: o
2 clinical performance measures
o 2 response operational measures
o 1 personnel performance measure
 Justify why you have selected each of these in terms of controlling risk in your agency.
 Your paper should be at least one page in length, using APA (6th Ed.) formatting for all in-text and reference citations. References should be cited on a separate page.
Fitch & Associates. (2006). 50 EMS system benchmarks: A self-assessment. Retrieved from…
Ohio Public Safety. (2008). EMS regional benchmarks. Retrieved from…
Zavadsky, M. (2013, January). Clinical Benchmarks that Matter. EMS Insider. Retrieved from…

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