finding a voice

Research and literature reviews on determination, distribution, risk factors and impact of Lyme disease.
January 8, 2021
1500 word essay that argues how shooting an elephant speaks to the relationship between east and west argue if the relationship is fair problematic exploitative romantic mysterious etc the argument should be supported with specific textual moments 1
January 8, 2021

  1. Choose two of the writers in this lesson.
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Judith Sargent Murray
    • The writer of the Ladies’ Declaration of Independence
    • Abigail Adams
  2. Pose as one of the writers and write a letter to the other writer you selected. (For example, write a letter from Benjamin Franklin to Abigail Adams).
    • Your letter must address whether they agree or disagree.
    • Include evidence from their writing that reveals each person’s opinion on the role of women.
  3. Be creative and give the writer of your letter a fitting personality. Use the appropriate tone to create that personality. (For example, given what you know about Franklin’s tone, you can assume that he wouldn’t write a rude or angry letter to Adams.)
  4. Your letter should be a minimum of 10 sentences long.


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