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Download the following Word document and complete the Assignment then upload it in Canvas before midnight on Friday, April 3, 2020.
External Stakeholders.docx
External Stakeholders
STEP 1 – Watch the video and read:
Read: Pages 24-25 in your e-book

STEP 2 – Do this activity

Identify a medium to large business (SWOSU is considered a medium size business with only 500 employees) with which you are familiar. This can be a local business or a national chain. Maybe choose one from your hometown if you can (not all of you come from towns with medium to large businesses). If you are having trouble, use the OKC Thunder and their connection to Bricktown.
For the selected business, identify at least four external stakeholders. Be as specific as possible.
For each external stakeholder, consider how it would be impacted by:

The rapid expansion of the business to include new markets or new products
A downturn in the economy that would negatively affect the company’s revenues

STEP 3 – Write a 150 word debrief answering the following:
What did you learn from the activity and how has it changed the way you view business in general.
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