exposure assessment dose equation 1

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June 13, 2021
Assignment #5 | Management homework help
June 14, 2021

Assignment Attached Below and Useful Notes/Slides Attached as well.

Resources available: RSL Table, IRIS database


1. If you have several samples from a site, and are trying to figure out how to come up with an overall concentration of a chemical (C), use the 95% Upper Confidence Interval.

2. When you are looking at sample soil data, you will often see a “U” qualifer by some samples, which stands for “undetected” and indicates that the amount of chemical in the sample is below the laboratory limit of detection. Your concentration (C) will change greatly depending on how you deal with these “undetected” values.

3. The averaging time (AT) is different for cancer and non-cancer. For cancer, the AT is equal to 70 years. For non-cancer, the AT is equal to the exposure duration (ED), so ED/AT = 1. Note that the higher AT for cancer makes the dose for cancer smaller.

Also, a hint for Question 3: Be sure to check many days per week the experiments are conducted.


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