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Explain one challenge of implementing the selected functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) application.

Health informatics professionals are leaders in their healthcare organizations and serve as a resource for uniting the staff in the implementation of organizational initiatives. Whether they work for a healthcare facility or for a company that develops and implements the electronic health record, they are sought out for their expertise in the field.
Employees across healthcare organizations need health informatics professionals when working on large-scale projects such as the adoption of an electronic health record system or in supporting other activities that require the management of health data and information.
Their competence in managing project teams, analyzing organizational processes, identifying the need for change, and implementing new initiatives are necessary skill sets in today’s healthcare delivery environment. They are critical components of the work performed by the health informatics professional.
To complete this task, you will read the attached “Electronic Record Adoption Project.”
A. Analyze the four Functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications and their capabilities as they are used in the electronic health record:
Computerized physician order entry
Medication reconciliation
Computerized prescribing
Clinical decision support
1. Explain one benefit of one of the given functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) application.
2. Explain one challenge of implementing the selected functional Electronic Health Record (EHR) application.
a. Explain how this challenge could be resolved.
B. Present how a needs assessment could be performed for the practice in the scenario.
1. Identify one clinical area needing assessment.
2. Explain the functional application needs that staff members may have in the clinical area you have selected.
3. Explain one concern staff may have from the selected area.
4. Describe how the use of an electronic health record can affect privacy, security, and legal aspects in ways that differ from the use of the paper medical record.
C. Develop a project proposal for adopting an electronic record for the practice in the scenario by doing the following:
1. Present the elements that might be included in a project plan for adopting an electronic health record.
2. Explain how to form a project team.
a. Explain how each team member would bring value to the process.
3. Identify one benefit the practice might gain from adopting the electronic health record.
4. Provide one example of an electronic health record functional application that may be implemented in each of the following healthcare settings:
Nursing home
Dental office
D. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.
Instruction FilesRBDT_Task_1_Electronic_Record_Adoption_Project_CTNSRPF (1).doc28.2 KB

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