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Explain how and why your project is a better solution than what is currently being done to solve the problem.

In this week’s Discussion, you proposed a project idea and explained why it might be attractive to funders. You also distinguished it from other projects that have tried to solve the same problem or meet the same need. As you have no doubt discovered, locating an RFP that aligns to your project idea is a big task. The search can be complex, requiring skilled use of key words, the capability to navigate different websites, and the ability to critically evaluate a funder’s mission and goals as well as its guidelines for funding. You also need to decide whether public or private funding is most desirable for you and consider why.
At this point in your review of the literature, it is a good idea to begin thinking about how you will support the need in your proposal. Proof of need might include numerical data/statistics (e.g., client-related, local, state, national). In other cases, surveys and/or focus groups might be required for collecting preliminary data that will support the need. As you look at evidence-based practices and/or what is currently being done to solve the problem or address the need, keep in mind that a funder will not fund an identical project, but if an applicant is proposing to build on what someone else has done, that might be acceptable.
With consideration to feedback received from your colleagues and to your continued review of the literature, in this Assignment you will finalize your project idea. In deciding upon a project, it is important to consider carefully the breadth of elements that will be addressed in the proposal. Although you will not have worked out all the issues yet, you should have confidence that you will be able to resolve them. From this project idea, you will continue through the steps of writing a grant proposal. Additionally, considering the feedback you received from your colleagues for the three RFPs you posted in Discussion 2, and to the continued analysis of your search results for state, federal, and foundation grants, you will finalize your funder selection.
For this Assignment:
Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Review the Gitlin & Lyons textbook pp. 82–83 for information on Abstracts.
Review a wide variety of grant RFPs. The funding agency grant can be either an active or a closed grant.
While reviewing the RFPs, think of how you could use each grant in a project.
When you find an RFP that matches your project idea, review the literature to determine if your project idea has been addressed in the way you are proposing. If it has, then move on until you have a novel project idea that can be funded by an RFP.
In a 3- to 5-page paper, address the following:
Part I:
Provide the title or description of the grant for which you will apply. Add the most appropriate hyperlink (URL) for identifying the RFP.
What makes you confident that this RFP is worth pursuing?
How did you evaluate the RFPs?
What type of search engine did you use?
What are the selected funding agency’s goals and applicant eligibility?
Finally, explain why you selected this RFP.
Part II:
Write an abstract of 500 words or less that includes the following:
Describe your project. What are you proposing to do?
Why is it significant and innovative?
Explain what led you to this project.
Describe the purpose of your project and why you believe it should be funded.
Explain how and why your project is a better solution than what is currently being done to solve the problem.
Provide evidence-based information in support of your stance.
Attached is my proposed project idea:
My goal for my organization would be to establish an array of services that would accommodate children from the ages of 6 all the way to adult age of those who suffer with ADHD/Dyslexia. The program will get every child and adult to a level to have stronger social skills and self-confidence. This program will also provide education for the client and for their family, provide a place where no one will be judgmental and a place of security. The resources and the program will be made available to everyone daily but each day of the week focusing on different subjects along with group therapy. For the most part, grant writing begins with your ambition, your inventive thoughts and your dream (Gitlin, 2014).
The first RFP that I feel would be a good asset to my organization because it applies to my program because of not knowing the race of the clients that we will be assisting. The only organizations that can apply are those who support people who are Black/African American, Hispanic/ Latino, Asian and native American that have developmental disabilities. My program is aimed to aiding services for all races. This project award amount is $10,000 per year lasting up to 12 months and only awarded to up to three people.

The second RFP that I choose relates to funding for the services that I will be providing at the facility. The grant that I found to supports organizations that are Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education. The parents that can’t afford the extra help such as assessments, tutoring, schooling, coaching and therapy. This will help those that don’t have the insurance needed to pay for these services. My organization will provide all these services at no cost to those needing the services. Since everyone will not be able to fall under the SSI or have CHIP and Medicaid requirements coming to my facility everyone will qualify.
Implementing Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Tourette Syndrome (TS)
The third RFP that I feel will be a good fit for my organization because it will help in providing an array of information, developing and providing health education programs and consultation and referral services. However, this grant does assist that I will be working with that has ADHD and those that have Tourette Syndrome. Even though this is not a disorder that I will be focusing on I will still have in case it is needed by someone. In providing more education it will help new and current children, adults and parents. Being able to provide more education it will help those know how to handle the change along with increasing awareness of available support services and evidence-based treatments

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