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Examine company practices related to harassment.political correctness.customer service…

our instructor will divide you into groups to complete this assignment.Assignment: As a group, you will use the wiki feature in Blackboard OR a Google Doc to convey information which will be used by your employer in the formation of a company policy/procedure. The word count for the wiki is 800-1200 (100 pts.) Your group is required to compose an online presentation of the wiki (80 pts.). You might want to consider a presentation format that is interactive or includes audio in order to make up for the missing face-to-face presentation elements. The media for the presentation may include Prezi, You Tube, GoAnimate, a Web Portfolio (Wix, Weebly), Screencastomatic, etc. You are encouraged to be creative in your approach to the presentation. For instructions on recording and uploading a YouTube video in Blackboard, watch the following tutorial: Group interaction (20 pts)-Complete the Peer Assessment Rubric for each of your group members to provide feedback on your group’s interaction. You will receive a 0 for this part if you do not complete and submit the Peer Assessment Rubric. Your score will be an average of your peer assessment scores.This part is not due until Monday of Seminar Six.
Place yourself in the context of a large company. Your employer (your instructor) has given you this assignment with the expectation that your work product will form the basis for a section in a policies/procedures manual which will be used to train new hires.You are not to draft the policies and procedures; rather, this is an informative wiki. You are encouraged to make recommendations. The focus should be on communication in the workplace. Therefore consider the following: If you have questions about the scope of the topic, make sure you discuss your questions with your employer (in this case your instructor). Keep in mind that the directions in this assignment sheet are brief and to the point and the expectation is that you will needto have discussions with your instructor. You will need to collaborate using your private group discussion forum and any other method designated by your instructor. The instructor will set up a group in Blackboard for your wiki, or will help you create and share a Google Doc with your group members as well as the instructor. You will need to consider employing the writing process in the context of a group project. Planning, brainstorming, research, drafting, peer revision and editing are part of the process. You will need to decide how to divide the workload in an equitable manner that is best for the group and the project. Keep in mind that the whole class might be able to view the wiki that your group creates.
You group will be assigned one of the following topics: Examine company practices related to harassment. Examine company practices related to political correctness. Examine company practices related to customer service in an electronic age. Examine company practices related to social media. Examine company practices related to diversity. Another approved or assigned topic pertinent to communication in the workplace.

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