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Essay one-draft introduction and informal outline (lady bird)

Collegiate writers should avoid composing essays immediately before they are due. In this assignment you will lay the foundation for your first essay. Please read the essay assignment before you begin planning; you may use this drafting worksheet downloadto help you begin planning your essay.  You will turn in a partial draft of an essay; do NOT turn in the drafting worksheet essay

Following the guidance of our early presentations on style, introductions, and other essay basics, draft a working introduction for your essay.
This introduction should be followed by an informal outline or plan for an essay: it can be a set of bullet points.
Finally, include direct quotations from McGrath that you plan on using in your essay (at least two).

Upload a draft and look for an email from me when feedback is available. This partial essay must be submitted on time for you to receive feedback; since this is a process assignment, I will not accepted it for any credit more than 24 hours late.

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