essay based on Women in Architecture.

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February 8, 2018
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February 9, 2018

Paper details:An essay to be written, 2000-3000 words. The essay can be written with any title. Research must be made. Arguments must be constructed.

you have been recommended to construct the essay based on Women in Architecture.

There are two Required readings uploaded as ‘ebscohost…’

1) Introduction- Gender space architecture: an interdisciplinary introduction – Jane Rendall

2) Women and Archiotecturte- Chapter of Gender space architecture: an interdisciplinary introduction – Lynne Walker

Reference guidelines are also uploaded (University Preferences)

Before the essay is started a Personal Development Program (PDP) is asked for. The instructions for the PDP are uploaded as well. The PDP is meant to be after constructing the workbook which I have also uploaded.
If possible the PDP should be a short paragraph inspired by the workbook. On what I would like to do the essay in.
– the workbook isn’t essential to the essay, however the section based on women in architecture is essential.

I have been told personally that my essay needs to include about,

1) Briefly talk about Zaha Hadid, Talk more on her death and the impact caused with ‘Women in Architecture’

2) Liza Fior (started an office called muff)

3) Julia Barfield

4) There are many women Architects but it would not make a difference if they were Male or Female. Would it make a difference what they have done if they were Male.

5) Must Read – Sexuality & Space (Princeton Papers on Architecture), Beatrice Colomina.

6) Important to look at the Architectural practice ‘Muff’ Look at their projects. What is different about them. Is there an impact

7) Include diagrams and images.