Brain-compatible learning consists of matching instruction to how the brain learns best. It encompasses a theory of learning, brings science into the classroom and teaches students how their brain lea
June 11, 2021
project failure 11
June 11, 2021

Required Resources
Read/review the
following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 8, 9
  • Lesson
  • Completed Week 5
    Source Evaluation Worksheet
  • Minimum of 5 sources
    (from Week 5)

This week, you will
complete your argumentative essay. Following the direction offered by Jackson
and Newberry (2016) in Chapter 12, write an argumentative essay on the issue
you chose in Week 2. Be sure your essay contains the following:

  • An introduction
    containing a thesis that states the issue, your position on the issue, what the
    paper will cover, and in what order
  • At least 2 paragraphs
    that each contain a well-supported (and documented) claim or sub-argument that
    will provide strong support for your fallacy-free argument
  • At least 1 paragraph
    discussing a documented, reasonable counterclaim to your position that needs to
    be a legitimate claim that someone has actually made as a counter-position on
    your issue
  • At least 1 paragraph
    offering a reasonable, documented response to that counterclaim
  • A conclusion that
    summarizes the argument and conclusion

Note: As you do your
research, it is permissible to change your sources. Also, because of the
recency and relevance of these issues, no sources older than 5 years should be
used other than as historical information. Critical thinkers do the research
first and then side with the preponderance of evidence. You might want to
follow that principle.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • Length: 750-1000 words
    – approx. 3-4 pages (not including title page or references page)
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New
    Roman font
  • Title page
  • References page (5

This activity will be
graded using the Argumentative Essay Grading Rubric.

Course Outcomes (CO): 2, 3, 5, 6, 7


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