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ERP Diagram- Please Check Before Bidding

Create and submit an ER Diagram with at least two tables and their attributes.  Your diagram should include:

Table Names (for each entity)
Attributes (first name, last name, city, etc.)
Primary Keys
Foreign keys
Field types  (text, currency, numeric, date)

Your tables should be should be normalized (first, second and third normal forms)
You can use the attached form or upload your tables in Excel or create and link them in an Access database file.
For information on how to use Word to create and ERD, go to:
Resources for Building ER Diagrams and Normalization:
What is an ER Diagram:
Video Tutorial Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Training Video:
How do I normalize a database:


Database Project Charter/Business Case
Fatoumata Bah Bello
ISAS 600
Database Project Charter/Business Case
For this business case, the focus is on an electronic health record database for hospitals and doctor’s office businesses. The electronic health record database (ExBase) will be a system that collects health information about patients and compares it to other people in the population for data analyzing purposes assisting doctors and nurses in crucial data to treat their patients better. The database will store data electronically ranging from medical history, demographics, allergies, medication, patient immunization records, laboratory tests results, personal statistics like weight, age, race as well as billing information.
Business Problem
Currently, most hospitals and doctors offices are using an electronic medical record database that is very vulnerable to hacking and isn’t practical for data analytics. Unupdated technology places the practice a point where it may be financially vulnerable as well. For instance the current medical record system may not accurately capture some billing or may cause inaccuracies in the submission of claims to insurance companies, this will cause the practice to be leaving money on the table. When it comes to customer data protection, the current system may fail to meet the encryption standard of HIPAA 256 and may not able to interface with the old billing system. Therefore, there is need to either update the existing system or purchase a new electronic health recording system.
Project Scope
The scope of the project entails all the designs including development, licensing, coding and hosting the new system. All the training needed to implement the new system successfully will be completed by us the vendor. The new system will provide a user-friendly environment. The project also includes migration of data contained in the current system to our new system, licensing of all software, compatibility with the existing classifications, terminologies, and coding systems. ExBase will be a web database accessible remotely as well as in-house with as many as 500 user codes per server. Multiple practices can access real-time data by logging onto a secure online program; we will install servers in each Practice as well as backup servers for data storage in a secured facility.
Project Business Objectives
The primary objectives of the database to the business is driving the business’ revenue by improving its billing system thus increasing revenue; patients will receive an enhanced experience through data analytics and being able to be cured in the most efficient way using the best medicines. This project is also expected to improve provider or patient access to healthcare documents, generation of increased effectiveness in the provision of medical care and increasing the number of services offered. Also, it will also ensure storage of accurate and reliable medical data shared through a secured network.
In the implementation of every project, there are constraints that have to be overcome. For the implementation of the electronic health record system, the constraints include time constraint, resource constraints and resistance to change. The time constraint comes as a result of the extended period that will be used in development and implementation of the new system. Another limitation that the company may face is that of funding resources; a budget is needed to create, implement and maintain the database. In addition to resource constraints, the business will have to employ more staff members with the right qualifications to operate and maintain the new system. Another constraint is the resistance effect where businesses and individuals who are currently using an existing system may resist the new system or find it a challenge to use because they used an old system that was still functional.
Description of Solution
The new electronic health record system (ExBase) will collect and electronically store patient information and data in a single database. ExBase will provide solutions to Practices by creating an up to date billing system, which captures billing and financial data as well as patient data delivering accurate information in real time. It will meet the current standard of the electronic health record technology and will be encrypted with HIPAA 256 bit.
Project Description
The entity seeks to do away with the current electronic medical record system and implement a new solution that is expected to maintain a diverse number of features. This project will come with some benefits that include enhanced access to patient records, an improved billing system as well as an ability to perform data analytics to improve the medical business. Once implemented ExBase will be a user-friendly interface that can be used by the current as well as new employees. The development and implementation of ExBase w run for six months with full funding from our company account customers will only be responsible for the primary cost of the database.
Business Process Impact
The new system will impact the business in some ways. First, the solution is expected to minimize clinical documentation errors, increase the effectiveness of the operations of the business, increase the business revenue capture as well as enhancing administration reporting throughout the practice (Menachemi & Collum 2017). The Proposed system will also cause an adverse effect on the routine duties of all the members of staff. The new system will also impact the business financially due to continuous maintenance and licensing costs of the solution. However, it will cause a negligible impact on the clinical workflow as the training and education for staff preparation will be minimal.
Technical Feasibility
After, looking at the problems with the existing system which include the issue of accuracy and compatibility, and the fact that the existing system has served the company for more than ten years, it is effective to purchase a new system rather than updating the current system. The new system aligns with the current goals and objectives of the practice. By developing and installing the new system, the company will have to purchase a new server and new equipment for handling and operating the new system.
Resource Estimate
The project is expected to run for six months involving the signing of the contract, employing temporary employees and implementing the software. The project will cost an estimate of $60,000 in all the stages of purchase, consulting and training. References
Fleming, N.N., Culler, S.D., McCorckle, R., Becker, E.R. & Ballard, D.J. (2011). The
financial and non-financial costs of implementing electronic health records in primary
care practices. Health Affairs. 30(3): 481-489.
Menachemi, N. & Collum (2017). Benefits and drawbacks of electronic health record
systems. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy pp. 47.
Mendelson, D. (2004). Health Connect and the duty of care: A dilemma for medical
practitioners. Journal of Law and Medicine. 12(1): 69-79.
Parish, C. (2006). Edging towards a brave new IT world. Nursing Standard. Royal College of
Nursing. 20(27): 15-16.

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