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Environmental impact, health and medicine homework help

As a team, select a health care facility. Research the standard operating procedures for waste management, fire and safety, and disaster management for your selected facility.
Select 1 area below to use in your presentation:

Hazardous waste management
Fire and safety management
Disaster management
Security management
ADA guidelines

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for one of the selected issues in renovation or new planning of a health care facility. Include the following in your presentation:

Explain the standard operating procedures for your selected issue.
Explain the local, state, and federal legal and regulatory requirements. Consider the following agencies:

Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Your state’s health planning and development agency
Department of Health & Human Services
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and other agencies as applicable to facility planning

Identify issues to be considered when meeting the International Building Code for your selected facility.
Describe measurements that may need to be done in advance of the new plan or renovation.
List the stakeholders that may play a role in your development of the facility.

Note: Make sure to focus only on the impact of the workplace environment when discussing the area selected.
Cite at least 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, detailed speaker notes, and a references page.

******************We chose Hazardous Waste Management****************************
******************My portion is to List the stakeholders that may play a role in your development of the facility****************
3 slides please with detailed speaker notes and reference page. This is part of my finals please.

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