Entrepreneurial finance HW

enterprise risk management/ PROJECT
November 30, 2019
organizational analysis paper
November 30, 2019

Blood Buy Case

Particular questions – notes

Texas medical saved 23% on blood cost

Blood buy matches/ connects buyer and seller

10%20 % of 10 billion blood market goal



New technology and transparency

Value chain

Core commodity – blood but demand is decreasing

Blood centers are highly regulated

2007 – 2008 recession demand impacted

Natural disasters and 911

Godfrey – private equity, health care background

Create a network to connect blood centers hospitals


Two sided market

Analytics platform

Double blind system pricing is exclusive

Industry is segmented

Challenges – regulations, monopolies, decrease in need for blood because of advanced technology, geography.

1) Who are the major stakeholders that would be affected by blood buys platform?

2) What is blood buys value proposition put each on these stakeholders?

3) What are the key obstacles to scaling blood buy , how would you address them? ( You’re Godfrey)